PictureCheck out their wrists! That's my bracelet!
I am both thrilled and exhilarated that this is my first post ever! I know it's been quite a while since I've posted anything but I think today I have something beautiful and worthy of a shout out.

 First I want to start off with a WOOHOO. My mom sold 6 rings at her PEO auction today, that officially stands for Philanthropic Education Organization (but there is a secret meaning and I am determined to find out what it is....someday!) It is so cool that although I am busy at school doing who knows what and learning, again, who knows what, that I can still sell rings and tell people about what our sisters across the globe deal with everyday. While I worry about how I am going to cook all that frozen chicken wasting away in my fridge and when I can watch the next episode of Grey's Anatomy and still have time to read for my Child Development classes, those girls are worried about going to school to avoid the embarrassment of not having money for sanitary supplies! Wow I definitely can be selfish sometimes and I look at today and wonder how I, as an American, can be more thankful. Today at Discipleship (this awesome thing where I get to meet with 2 beautiful Christ-loving college girls and come together and talk about our lives, our struggles, and learn about Him) we talked about tending to "our flock." And I realized...woah God gave me a flock that he entrusted to me! IN ME! I am so lucky but need to be more thankful so today I sent some thank you letters to a couple of my "sheep." For being a part of my life and all that they do for me because, yes I admit, I am selfish a lot of the time. 

But enough about that, now for my exciting news and I know i'm going to be a little selfish and brag but this is so exciting and God would want me to share my the cool things that he does in my life. hehe :) 

OUR SISTERS OF AFRICA is in the process of making bracelets and they debuted in my friend, Michelle and Spencer's wedding! One day, over the summer, while making rings, I got incredibly bored and my fingers got tired and I decided to make bracelets! Just in time too, because my friend Michelle, who took the beautiful ring pictures wanted party favors for her bridesmaids. Although it is a work in progress, I am excited to reveal only a snippet (because I didn't get any good pictures of these exact ones) of my new project: BRACELETS! Next up...necklaces? I not only sold some bracelets but got to tell these girls a little about why Our Sisters of Africa is the way it is. Yep that's it. My little exciting news, I hope you love the pictures as much as I do and real pics of the bracelets will come up soon. You might just have to wait a little until after midterms! :/ Until next time...sending lots of love your way!   
Props to the wonderful photographer: 
Kelly Boitano Photography     
Check out her website: https://www.facebook.com/kellyboitanophotography 

   -Stephanie May 

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